Ludging Terms

Register and room-check
Any person who is going to ludge in this hotel, is obliged to fill the registration form (includes truckstop). At the same time____. It’s also strictly forbbiden taking out the furniture or towels from the hotel: failure to cumply with this rule will result in a penalty charged in your bill.
Civil Protection
This hotel has enough fire extinguishers avalible for any eventual accident, if it’s the case guests are obliged to warn to administration.
No discrimination
In this building is not allowed any kind of discrimination (for gender, politics, religion, nationality, social condition, etc.) between guests and hotel’s team-guests and viceversa.
Please, don’t close your room door with the keys inside the lock.
We will be unable to open it and a locksmith will be required, which cost will be paid by the guest ($ aprox). In case of key lost, guest will have top ay for locker replacement ($ ).
Our maintenance department is always avalible for you.
Please, inform us about any damage that occours during you stay. Failure to do so, you authotize to charge in your bill the value of the repair or replacement of the ítem.
Unauthorized parties, any kind of drugs and/or alcohol and any kind of ilicit activity is forbbiden
in the hotel since it’s a familiar place. In case of complaint by other guest, we will request the exit of the hotel without the right of refund. If you suspect of any ilegal activity, please notify to administration.
In case you have a pet, please take care of his/her hygiene.
Smoking is strickly forbbiden inside the hotel.
Failure to compy whith this rule will result in a penalty of $___.
Ludging in our hotel supposes an agreement of this conditions and it’s failure will result in your exit of the building
without the right of refund.